What fashion means to me... Toosy x Mariam Al Sibai

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up I was naturally a shy person and I would constantly doubt myself (still do really) but when it came to fashion I was never afraid to express myself and I was pretty confident to wear whatever I wanted to.

I think this was probably massively down to my Mum, she let us (my twin & I) choose our own clothes and dress ourselves however we wanted to. She also never made us do that silly thing people do to twins where they dress them in identical outfits. We both had our own individual styles from the moment we were able to speak and we used this freedom to express ourselves and showcase our different personalities. 

For the most part of my early teens, I chose only to dress in boys clothing. I would wear big baggy t-shirts, GAP denim boy shorts and trainers.

After this faze, I went on to the goth and 'mosher' look, where I wore the biggest and baggiest trousers I could find (sometimes with chains attached) a lot of black and heavy eyeliner (I did all this with a scarf on my head, no f**ks given!) I also took up rollerskating and skateboarding to complete the look * of course listened to everything from Slipknot to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers!

As I hit 17, I swiftly went on to the sports clothes and hooped earrings look, sped around in my new Peugeot 206 blasting R&B and thinking I was the coolest kid on the block.

After going through all the fazes and crazy outfits I finally began to find my own style, (I still have little outbursts of fashion craziness) but I really appreciate timeless pieces and I'm not much of a 'fast fashion' fan. I usually buy pieces that I am in love with and would rather spend a bit more on a good piece of clothing that I will wear for years than something I will get bored of in a month. Quality over quantity.

I also get these crazy moments when shopping online, or when I see something amazing on someone where I become completely obsessed with that particular piece and start researching and going completely out of my way (and mind) to find it and if I cant find it I will find the most similar thing.

Anyway, lets get to the point of this piece of writing. The point of this post is to show you a little collaboration I worked on recently with a brand that could not fit with my idea of fashion anymore if it tried. That brand goes by the name of 'Mariam Al Sibai' (this is also the name of the talented designer). I was so flattered and excited to be chosen to work with Mariam (Designer) and Esme (Art Director) on their 'Mariams Muses' project. 

So, for this project we were to meet in London for a shoot, where I would style out whatever pieces I liked from The Mariam Al Sibai Autumn/Winter collection (extremely tough not to choose every single piece). Mariam & I messaged back and forth for a couple of months before the shoot, she took the time to get to know me and also to allow me to get to know her brand. I turned up to the shoot (quite nervous) but excited and I was immediately made to feel comfortable by Mariam, Esme and Constance (photographer). I absolutely fell in love with the set design by Esme which was inspired by Piet Mondrian, it was bright and colourful yet simple and contemporary. I really appreciated that Esme took the time to design a set that would fit with my style and my personality and I felt like a living piece of art throughout the shoot ( a dream i never thought I had, until it happened).

The whole collaboration was an amazing experience, The Mariam Al Sibai brand is absolutely beautiful, the designs, the quality, the ethos and the people behind it. It really is a brand made for everyone, timeless, exquisite pieces that you can really make your own. You can visit Mariam Al Sibai online to find out more and to shop the collection.