Welcome to my space...


My name is Toosy, I am half English, Half Egyptian. I've lived between Cairo, Cardiff and London for most of my life, so you will usually find me in one of these cities.

I am a curious and passionate human who takes a strong interest in many different things and I'm always ready to try something new. I have recently quit my job in the financial sector and I am currently teaching myself to code while giving this content-creator thing a go. 

I enjoy art-watching, nature, reading, travelling and creating cool content. I like to follow a moderately healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating a a balanced diet. I have always had a strong passion for clothes and shoes and enjoy hunting for unique and timeless pieces that just get better the older they are. 

My main inspiration comes from my mixed heritage background and I have a strong appreciation for Middle-Eastern as well as British design.

I hope you enjoy exploring my space.

Thank you for reading!